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Grandparents Day
  • Event Date: 30-Oct-2021
  • Updated On: 19-Nov-2021
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Description: “Grandparents create memories that the heart holds forever” We at Allenhouse Public School Khalasi lines celebrated this special bond between grandparents and grandchildren. The morning was one of fond nostalgia. Grandparents sprinkle stardust over the lives of children. We applaud their patience , their grit and never ending love. The event started with Ms. Enid reciting a profoundly meaningful Sanskrit quote which taught us the value of respecting elders. ??????The orchestra’s instrumental music transported the audience back to the golden years. The thundering applause was testimony to the affection that grandparents have towards their grandchildren. ??Aarna Verma of class 5 recited an endearing poem : my grandmother’s laptop. ??????Tap your feet - scintillating dance performances by Allenites of class 1-5. The songs selected were the much loved numbers from the yesteryears. ?????Rendezvous with grandparents : Allenites interviewed their grandparents. The series of questions left the audience mirthful and enthralled. ??A story- telling session by Mr. Syed Tariq Ibrahim and Ms. Sudha Agarwal who shared anecdotes about freedom fighters. ??We also organised fun-filled games for grandparents - Guess the dialogue and Tongue Twisters. ??We concluded the event with a memorable art session of rock painting and Kodak Moments Grandparents make the world a little softer, a little softer , a little kinder, a little warmer. #grandparents #family #love #grandma #grandpa #parents #grandfather #grandmother #grandchildren #familytime #baby #grandparentsday #grandkids #grandparentslove #mom #dad #grandparentsarethebest #kids #memories #granddaughter #grandson #happy #allenhouse Follow, like and subscribe to our social media handles. Facebook: YouTube: Instagram: LinkedIn: