Chairman's Message

Dear Parents
Our school’s success is a result of a committed group of staff members and active and supportive parents. The teachers and staff at the school have dedicated themselves to providing a nurturing, yet challenging learning environment for all children.
As the Chairman of Superhouse Group, I encourage parents and family members to become actively involved in our school’s activities.
Parents can get involved in our school by attending the Parent Teacher Meets regularly and by being a part of special events and activities. My goal is that all our students reach their full potential in school each year. A strong home-school partnership is crucial to achieve this goal.
Please check our website regularly as new information will be added throughout the year.
I encourage all our parents to maintain open lines of communication. The communication would be kept strictly confidential.
You can contact me at :
Please feel free to mail your ideas and suggestions on areas where we can make ourselves even better.
Quality and Excellence is our maxim.

Best Wishes
Mukhtarul Amin